Wholesale Trade

We also have the expertise to deal with Wholesale trade in the trading manner. Wholesale is a different concept altogether in which we have to deal with wholesalers on daily basis according to the changing market dynamics.

We also have expertise to manage Out of Home section. This section. This section requires lots of skills Tobe managed because it is tough to actually cater changing customer demands as well as to maintain cost-benefit ratio as well.

We have a team of dedicated professionals and full infrastructure to serve our Retail customers within the city as well as in other towns. More than 50 vans, More than 50 Motor Cycle Salesman, Different warehouse locations and most importantly, all the things are adjustable according to the demand.

We have a dedicated team to Serve, Monitor & Merchandise the Self Service stores of the towns because they are high sale outlets and they have an additional benefit of marketing the products through their display.

We are specialized in providing Franchise Service to our Business associates. This includes but not limited to Upselling of the products, maintaining a comfortable franchise environment, handling the customer demands and also satisfying them

Mission Statement

To become the most trustworthy and professionally managed strategic partners of our business comrades is our mission in which we further consider a healthy work environment for our employees.