About Us

Company Overview

We, Iqbal Marketing Services, started serving our customers as a distributor in 2002 and notched up our objectives by taking the market by storm. We grew in size by scrupulous picking up of people and premium brands.

The company we own has catbird seat of extravagant assistance of more than 150 staunch professionals. We have furnished our work environment very well which resulted in maximum employee loyalty and further as customer satisfaction.

The marketing knowledge and distribution expertise handed down over generations to us has been strengthened by the introduction of modern concepts complemented by states of the Art management information System for quicker and better decision making.

Why Values

    • At IMS we trust in joint veneration.
    • At IMS we honor all our commitments in due course of time.
    • At IMS we believe in creating value for all stakeholders.
    • At IMS we believe in tractability to keep ourselves affiliated to customer needs in a fast changing world.
    • At IMS we are eager to learn and indecently updates ourselves.

CEO’S Message

Yesterday, it was a family business. Today, it is the family in business. Tomorrow, it will be the business of the family to ensure there is a future for both the business and the family. We are proud of our institution. For us, it symbolizes courage, common sense, energy, enterprise, aspiration and hope.

At IMS we are committed to provide brands and service of outstanding quality and value that improve the living standards of our surrounding.
In our organization, we have managed to cultivate a cordial relationship wih our clients and our business associates. Their good opinions about us for the services we provide are a priceless asset for us.

The Company stood by the principle of meeting its professional obligations and establishes a sustainable linkage between its principals and its clients. This conviction has won us the appreciation of our principals and respect & confidence of our clients.
We serve more than 15,000 customers ranging from hypermarkets, wholesalers, departmental stores, hotel chains and restaurants, as well as the thousands of convenience and grocery stores.

I would like to share my future vision with you. This company will be the leading supply chain management company in Pakistan and a leading example of a high performance organization, role model for other corporate ventures in the region.

I commend the untiring efforts of my colleagues who worked throughout the year with absolute commitment and diligence. They are the main drivers behind our success. All of us are proud to be part of the “IMS family” and aim to mark more success stories in the year to come.
It is this focus, combines with prudent financial management, transparency and our knowledge of market dynamics that continues to drive the company forward.

People are not made of numbers. They are made of hopes and dreams, passions and partnerships, talent and tenacity. We strive to see beyond the numbers and understand what success means to.
May Allah bless you!

Shakeel Ahmed Sheikh

Mission Statement

To become the most trustworthy and professionally managed strategic partners of our business comrades is our mission in which we further consider a healthy work environment for our employees.